Flores, Island Tip

Flores island derives its name from Portuguese word Cabo de Flores which means the cape of flower. This name was initially given by S.M.Cabot, and then officially used since 1636 by the governor general of the Dutch East Indies Hendrik Brouwer. The presence of the Portuguese in the 16th century and then the Dutch, has brought influences in many aspects, for instance religion, education, and the forth. The majority of its population is Catholic.

Flores is offering natural and cultural beauty. The most phenomenal natural attraction is the three-colored crater lakes in Kelimutu National Park. These lakes are the result of a very powerful eruption of Mt. Kelimutu. Local community also believes that the lakes are resting place for departed souls. Each color are representing karma. Another place worth visiting is the 17 island Riung nature park, which offers exotic white sandy beaches and underwater. 

There are many traditional villages and cultural attractions. Its iconic ancient village Waerebo located in the mountain at the elevation of 1,100masl, only accessible by hiking. Waerebo is offering adventure, a perfect place to experience serenity. The journey also takes you to Ngadha, a place where you see ancestral shrines of female and male. Caci  is a very famous attraction here, a traditional dance performed by adult males in which they take turns whipping each other. Flores also offers its authenticity in its foods. 



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